Saturday, January 4, 2014

Second Week In Saudi Arabia

And so we spent our Christmas and New Year here at the Kingdom! Sorry for us since we were so envious of the posts in Facebook where we see the "handaan" and "paputukan" of the recent season. Here? Don't ask since we were just a visitor and we should adapt to the new environment and culture. Bawi na lang kami sa darating na december 2014! So our work and life continues here. Thanks to a nearby city of Al-Khobar where most of the Filipino stayed. We visited there together with my elementary classmate Cesar Andal. I had seen at last the Saudi branch of Jollibee in Khobar. In that mall ( Ramaniyah)) there were so many Filipino and Pinays too ( mostly nurses). As if you do not go out of the Philippines if you were in Khobar! My stress and homesickness at some point diminished. My classmate treated me to eat at Phuket Restaurant and of course before we went home a cup of coffee at Red Cafe. And lots of kwentuhan.

Then on the way home we went to corniche ( a seaside much like Baywalk in Manila) and lots of kwentuhan continued.

And last I bought dates since I was hungry for that sweets! And of course we ate almost every night at a Filipino restaurant and I ordered pansit ( oh I am missing pansit wanam and Lettys pansit!). Life abroad is indeed a sacrifice!

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