Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do The Math

Sometimes when you have nothing to do here in Saudi in a nice weekends I just run my thoughts on some figures. Some figures that matters to me. And most of them are so close to my heart;

- my income for a year - sometimes I calculated it minus the expenses - and I am glad I have made this decision - forget about the TAX hahahaha!

- my days before coming again to the Philippines - and tomorrow will be my first month..I don't want to do the countdown! just be it and enjoy the stay!

- converting the value of every purchase I am making here - an Iphone is about 2400 SR (multiply by 11 pesos) and other simple items - I should be get over it..just remember that most of the items here is much cheaper than the Philippines' price.

- just thinking the extreme coldness - about 7 degree and the other side - extreme hotness 55 degrees in August!

- 3G, 4G? all I know the internet connection here is much better!

- sometimes I am wondering how many kilometers Dammam is from Manila? Google it!

- population of Saudi as compared to its big area of land..density I guess?

- lastly how many oil and gas Saudi still has? - the very reasons why we are here to work!

* is this my way of coping with "homesickness" I guess so hahahaha!


  1. try to avoid math when you purchase esp filipino food...we will lose our appetite..haha

  2. hehehehe thanks for aking kakornihan minsan hahaha


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