Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Things

And to continue the story on my last post..I went to Al-Shatea Mall..and yes before I forget to mention..there are two things that somehow very unique here in Dammam or in the Middle East as a every place especially in dining area (restaurant and others) there are always a division between a family section and for single section..sometimes we get mingled in the family section and the guard informed us to go to the other applies also in a mall or any place admissible..and the other thing? well in every food chain or restaurant there is at least one Filipino crew..and yes I can speak in our native tongue when I am ordering something..just like in my lasagna dinner in the said mall..and in Krispy Kreme just near the mall above..

And the third thing I see as common here? the taxi drivers are always all from Bangladesh..and sometime I got the chance to have some conversation with them..mostly are staying or working here for five years and above..they go home yearly or every six months..and they got a little salary but still they manage to stay here or else be a jobless in their own land..just like us Filipino..we are sacrificing to be very far away just to earn that much needed that's heavy!!

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