Monday, January 13, 2014

Wish List?

Nope. You are wrong! Returning home to the Philippine is not on my wish list now! It is an inevitable plan for December this year.
But on my wish list here these are some of them:

1. I want to spend some hours in the desert dunes and actually feel the whole sandy, wide place. In our way to work there are so many cars enjoying their ride in the sand dunes and they don't care the dust and mud since they love the thrill of it!

2. I want to see a real camel up close. In our way to the plant (again) I have seen camels but in such a short time and a distant away.

3. I want to go to a corniche (sea-side) just like a marina bay or a Manila bay sort of where many scenery and fish market around. And maybe we could go on fishing on that side of Dammam.

4. I want to go inside a mosque but I don't know if it is possible.

5. I want to go to Jubail - and hour ride from here. And meet some of my friends there.

6. I want to go to Jeddah - a two hour plane ride maybe - but not possible now since we still do not have the Iqama. ( ano ito travelling galore combined with working hahaha)

7. Yes that Iqama I want it now so that we could go on further and to fully enjoy the Saudi way of living - an Iqama is just an national ID system where it is being used in any transactions - now we are still using the temporary Iqama which gives us limited access to everything. Maybe a month of wait is suffice to have that ID.

8. I want to buy that DSLR badly hehehe! (electronics price here is about 35% much cheaper!!)

9. What else? oh I forgot..I want my body clock fully adjusted in Dammam's time.

10. P.S. I want to go to a beach resort because on our way to the plant ( as usual) I am seeing some beautiful beach resort with a good hotel.

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