Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coffee Quest

And who says the Desert has no decent coffee shop? Well you are dead wrong! Seattle's Best? Starbucks? Name it..and they are all here..In Dammmam..in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! And thanks God I can continue my quest for that thirst and love of coffee..last week we were in Shiraa Mall and we sat and drank coffee at Seattle's Best..A few days ago at the Cornich I have found Aroma Cafe and sipped those much needed hot drink to combat the cold evening weather..and just a few days too I have found the King of all! Starbucks at the middle of Dammam! At the Al-Shatea Mall just beside Jarir Bookstore and Sheraton Hotel..and yes you are right one of the barista was Pinoy..and it was not surprising that most of the shops here you will find a Filipino crew and staff..

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