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I Just Walked

Simple walking..I just did..No one to one to scare..freedom..just staring at nothing..thinking..on a cold windy afternoon..I passed by the iconic Dammam Palace hotel ( my home for about 15 days!) and just roamed around..walking..till I saw this ordinary park..women, children, family, friends, everything were just happy..were they? just like me? walking around..passing the time in a lazy day..where is the direction? I was lost in this sense of north or east or west..just keep on walking..and I my surprise it was my just sit..and relax..and see those kids playing around..some are busy running and running and just keep on circling the small plaza..some boys were busy kicking those ball and mimicking a great football player..busy doing their stuff..and me..just sitting..and I was sense of sense of direction..I guess not..I just sit..and watched as time went by..minutes..minutes and I stood..and walked without knowing where to go..and I found myself outside the park..bustling metropolis..silence..kept on screaming on my ear..the bustling did not make sense..I was here..

and I got a Shatea mall please..and that was all I have a cup of coffee there..temporary madness..temporary losing my mind..and I found bliss..peace..


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Buffet Lunch

The newest eat-all-you-can in Batangas City!! at Ginazel Hotel and Restaurant just besides Ponte Fino Hotel..Php 399/per person..and it opened only this month of all your stomach full with this treat!

Food Central

- A Squid Friday - name it..canned squid in brine..tuyong pusit..squid balls..fresh squid na lang ang kulang hahaha!! and that is reserved when I come home in the Philippines..

- fish crackers and chicharon! with vinegar..minus the baboy ingredients of course!

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the photo above is called "dosa" if I am not mistaken - a typical Indian food snack..and the photos below are the "warah" some sort of indian donut with such sauce of course..tasting some new dishes here in Dammam is one of our little project to fully enjoy our stay here in time we will try those other menu from India and Pakistan..hope we do not have stomachache afterwards.. hehehe..

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And I think this is our life in the face of unknown fears and distant family - creating friendships and lasting memories that once we are having fun in this country that is often mistakenly as boring and no fun will be generated..well we are wrong and thanks God for that!