There are some discoveries while living here in Saudi Arabia:

- Chicken and shawarma might be the favorite food by the common people. I almost eat chicken every meal of the day!

- people  here are quite obese but not obvious because of their long clothes! Yes I am not alone hahahaha!

- people here are so very very religious and admire them for that! Every corner literally has mosque and they pray five times a that is incredible!

- people here are quite healthy..they do not drink but they smoke hahahaah!

- stores here are in block section; every street has its block merchandise that is if one street is purely perfume then almost all of the stretch are selling perfumes.

- temperatures are extreme here - in december to february are cold months and the rest are extremely hot as in so hot!

- female here are really in their native dress ( you cannot see their face except in some other areas and mostly are pinays that show their face)

- there are so many malls here - but not that good malls - not much stores inside

- football is their sports here - basketball? not quite popular

- speed limit is somehow not recognize here - be careful to cross a street because the speeding vehicle will not stop at all!

- there is a national ID system here called Iqama and it is the key to all of our lives and transactions here - buying, selling, etc - almost everything needs a copy of Iqama and its number that served as your legitimacy of staying here.

- well that's all for now and maybe I will update this if I found something new that existed here and not everywhere!


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