New Beginning

And finally I am here in the Kingdom. Not your usual kingdom. A kingdom which I never dreamed I will be coming here. But now it is a reality. A dream come true? I hope so. I have written a draft on a paper when I was in Dammam Palace Hotel but it was so long I'd rather not copy it here. Just plain story right now. More updates to come!


  1. Hi Marlo! You are looking good and seem to be adjusting well. I am happy for you. Just stay focused on your goals and continue to be positive on the future. Next week, you and I will be breathing the same air, although we will still be quite far from each. You take care. GBU

  2. thanks a lot!! nung unang mga araw wow parang di ako makapaniwala that I have made this decision but it is turning out to be a God's plan to put me here..I am enjoying quite a bit here..thanks to you and all the others na nakakausap ko via social media, blogs, facebook, skype..everything is turning into a good vibes na..hope to visit you there pero mukang malabo ata hehehe..keep in touch po..and belated merry christmas and a happy, prosperous new year!!

  3. and goodluck din po in your new life in the middle east!!

  4. thank you. make a plan to go there. our house is open for you anytime and you know at this time and age nothing is really impossible. Me and kids will be leaving by March siguro, dar is next month. next week is just a short visit to scout for our house and to tour schools. :) Ingats.

  5. ah ok wow! site visit muna hehehee,,,


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