What Happens In Araneta Will Stay in Araneta

I have not seen the full video of Vice Ganda's "rude jokes" about Miss Soho of GMA. But as clearly flooded in facebook and twitter the incident has gone far beyond the usual complains of having been disrespectful. It became a Network War as usual. The reporters of GMA of course defended their colleague.

As a audience I will have one advice to Vice; NEVER APOLOGIZE!


Simply because it is his SHOW. I have been to comedy bars before and the culture was really "shocking" if you are really conservative. But it is how they operate. It is how they make money. It is their job. To make us laugh.

So if this Vice Ganda Vs Soho will be a precedent of every comedy show here in our country then we must forget that comedian exist. Let us not tolerate any comedy show because somehow somewhere along their acts they will hit somebody. And it is their ACT! THEIR SHOW!


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