Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Get-Away

Getting ready for the Fast and The Furious 6? Nah! just having some photo-ops in Tagaytay with this magnificent car..

Thanks to Tiya Empent that we were able to go to Tagaytay with our loved ones..

Pasyal pasyal ang Ate Edna pag may time hehehehe..

My second mother..Tiya Empen who took care of me when I was still a baby..

Her daughter..Jacquelyn..

And the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay with its Eye? Well we had ride in it..

nuong una medyo nakakakatawa pa..

ayun natakot na nang tumaas na ehehehehe..I am afraid of height!

Before we went down the hill we bought some pasalubongs..mangosteen, pinya, may tuyong tawilis pang dumaan at saging na maliit..

then we headed to Nuvali but the rain was catching up with us..
So I just ordered burger from Brothers..sobrang matagal magserve..

And to make myself calm in waiting for that take-out burger..I tried their coffee..

Sunday like that made me realize that once in a while I should  go  out and breathe..once in awhile I should take care of myself..once in awhile I should forget almost everything and focus on what's really important..The Family..till next time..


  1. love love Tagaytay. always. the foods, the long drive...

  2. dami nang developments ulit sa tagaytay daming condominiums na naglabasan..


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