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"Nuong Panahong Buo Pa Ang Lahat" ( yesterday's musing)

A real friend of mine once remarked " nuong panahong buo pa ang lahat" ..he is referring to five years ago's gathering. We were still as innocent as we have known each other. We were having the the bond as we never know will be cracked by two (persons) obvious culprit of all. We have never seen them as close  since then.

And yesterday as usual and I don't care if some were hiding from the real and legal entities in which they have or might meet along the way, we have the best day of our life. Literally. Not for them? I don't care. Why should I?

Through time someone's real identity is unmasked. Through circumstances and fate we have to clash with their differences. We have to battle their personal demons. And most of the times to do it best is just IGNORE THEM. Ignore that they have existed. Persona Non-Grata.

I thought those chains which are closely connected are hard to break but I was wrong. The RUST in their lives got its way to break them. And scrap them. Tsk Tsk Tsk!! Life indeed is too surprising I didn't see it coming!


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