Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Arrival

The arrival; 11;15 AM via Cathay Pacific.

Cleared at the immigration: 11:45 AM

And we finally see her at 11:59 AM. Touchdown Manila. She is here for around 12 days. A typical vacation of an OFW who are in a hurry always to make money out of the country. The plight of the Filipino since the government is not doing enough to have more employment here. Brain drain? Exactly. Just to have those dollars remittance to fuel our economy.

She had called me a week before the arrival and asked me I will be OK on May 1 schedule. As my calendar suggested I can fetch her at the airport together with her sister. I never asked why. And she had revealed me about some personal life why no one has to see her in her arrival yesterday. Love ended. Relationship which was wrong from the very start and ended five months ago was the culprit of non-appearance of his lover. And she ran for us. She asked once again the assistance of her good old friend; ME.

Some arrival like her is just so "heavy" as she puts it that way. She had to end what has been ended five months ago literally. She have to pick up her pieces once again.

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