Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday With My Bestfriend/Cousin

Last Saturday Alvin with his wife and youngest son Dwane ( my inanak) visited me here in Batangas to buy school supplies and others and to attend to some important matters too. And of course we had this bonding time though in SM Batangas only..Dwane was so makulit and sobrang likot ( 3 years old) but seemed to be very happy with his new experiences..

We had our lunch at Pizza Hut..

We also watched Ironman 3 ( my second time)..

And that night we had our inuman that moments when I had with my bestfrend/cousin that I had  to say and share whatever I want to share..our sentiments..our happiness..our experience with our life so far..Salamat sa pagbisita and sa isang araw ako naman ang pupunta sa Puerto Galera!

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