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Another Wrong?

And my head is aching right now. I am still sleepy. I have awaken this morning with a heavy head and somehow depressed. I just need some boost.

I was in Bauan yesterday. I have to attend a birthday celebration of the son of my childhood friend who had gone in Bauan for almost twenty years. Though we see each other almost every year at the barangay fiesta it was different yesterday. I know I should be there but not for him but for another childhood friend. A friend in need and we are the friends he deserved.

We had see each other last Wednesday in Ilijan. A reunion. It was a refreshing feeling to see them again. We had been friends since the very day I had known that I was living in Ilijan. We shared moments of innocence. We had each other in strange times, in bad and good times until we have become adult.

And now one of our friend needs us. He was betrayed. A wife betrayed him. He had gone to abroad for a nine-month sacrifice and he arrived with enthusiasm and renewed spirit in his own life. After a couple of weeks of staying at home he discovered the ugly truth. He had done the unthinkable but usual reaction of a husband who had been fooled for God's sake by no other than the woman whom he trusted with all his life;his wife.

And now he is recovering from the scar from the pain. He might kill them. He might sue them. But he try to calm and put things on perspective. He has to do it right. No wrongs can be ever corrected by making another stupid wrong. He is not stupid.

I know he can survive the biggest wave he has to hurdle right now. We are still in here to support him in whatever ways we can do.

And now his wife is nowhere to be found. Probably with her other man.


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