Oh My God I Didn't Make It To This Year's Family Day!!

Oh think again!! We were there..but there were many things I've not able to do or there were some things that I was not able to see the last time I've been in Splash Island..

There is a canopy walk..there are ziplines...and I've missed riding to those slides..hindi ko na nagawa kasi napasarap na sa main pool riding that giant waves..my three nephews were able to enjoy to ride all of those slides...

Photos below were some of the events I've missed yesterday since we were busy swimming that time..
thanks to facebook I've able to see them.. and post it here..photos from sir Arnold Manalo, Miss Cynths..

I've missed this kind of posing...di namin nagawa at talon agad sa tubig!!

What about food? Well there were free food but not sufficient to my nephew's hungry stomach so we tried buying at the food center..kinda expensive but we loved it..

And this year ONE THING WAS MISSING IN EVERY FAMILY I'VE HAD..Hindi namin kasama ang Inay because she is still in the US but maybe a few week's time she will be here..and we will have a family day of our own..


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