Flying Kite Lessons

Reflection on flying a kite by a child..

1. Nevermind the heat..just go on flying the kite..

2. Always see the changing will help you navigate..

3. Aim high where the wind will be your slave..

4. Simple pleasure are most of the times within our reach..

5. To help you to fly up with grace and easiness, seek for help..

6. Hit the nearest kite on your way..He is blocking your way up..

7. If you are dead

8. Appreciate the surroundings without loosing site of your kite..

9. Be in good shape will never know the weather..

10. Lastly make your own kite..dont just buy it..

These are some valuable lessons I have pondered upon seeing those kids playing kites in Picnic Grove yesterday in Tagaytay..


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