Who Have Sinned More?

I never stop on contemplating and writing what I want to write. A free verse. A free world. A freedom of speech.

And who have sinned more? The one who have evidently caught on act or we who act on our voice to warn them?

The one who have so boastful in their "good acts" but afterwards do something worst?

The one who have seen as the model but in reality a model of decaying family?

The one who have striving to go upward in the expense of the others?

The one who have done everything to climb up the ladder even it means to destroy others along the way?

The one who smile at your face then afterwards got a "fuck you conversations" stabbing you in every possible ways?

Damn them.. I will be getting older and bolder come Monday.. sabi nga nung batchmate ko.."if others are tyring to destroy somebody else or you..do not try to destroy them later..destroy them in advance before it comes to you"..

Lalo akong nahahighblood dito ah!!


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