Fate On Hold

The nation will march once again tomorrow to all the precincts and cast their vote. I will too to my beloved barangay in Ilijan. I never miss an election time. I always practice my rights of suffrage. Just being a good citizen and fulfilling my rightful duty.

The question is whom I will trust my vote to run this country. Trapo as in traditional politician? Dynasty which has been here for almost a century now? Or from religious vote bloc which I have no intention of obeying? I will cast my vote based on popularity? Maybe.

God please bless this nation and guide us tomorrow to really choose who are necessary and rightful to perform his duty without personal interest. God help us to enlighten the voters to be able to stand and not follow those corrupt politicians to buy them. And please let the peace be with us always as we exercise our sacred rights of choosing next leaders for our country.

I guess I have my own sets of candidates for tomorrow. I have to better sleep well now. Earlier to avoid long lines for the PCOS machine.


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