They are more than just oficemates before..then he vanished..or might die during that time..so thin so lifeless..wrong choice of lifetime partner..

I have seen them again..the same emotions..guilt..anger..somehow forgiven..and eventually AWA..

Though they are so successful yet the VERY ONE THING they want is not yet given. Maybe will not be given forever..tsskk tssskk..NAKAKAAWANG PAGSASAMA NAUWI SA WALANG GANA hhahahahah..I must be laughing..but I don't care anymore..they are just so ordinary I did not notice they are still existing..AKALA KO PATAY NA SILA..HINDI PA PALA..

And the bitter part? their true friends from yesterdays did not make any effort to say Hi or Hello..people oh people!! they are SO REAL IN FAKING IT!

Unbelievable indeed!


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