Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Some Seconds

Slowing it down. I want to slow things down. I want to feel the breeze. I want to taste the heat. I want to smell the grass. To kick some balls!

The preview. I never write something that deep about other people. I never intend to write about them in such a manner that could jeopardize their existence. Until now. I want to write something worth reading and writing my time. About them. Their selfish act of vandalism? Of extreme narcissism? Or just playing the field?

I have begun interacting with them six years ago coinciding with my chance of having the privilege of staying here. I have the privilege of mingling with those individuals with at first sight are people of undeniable non-sense existence. Sorry for the foul words but that is the exact descriptions I want to label them. And they do not change. They change only for the worst.

I was once locked up with other individuals with some crimes we do not commit. They have committed the crimes. Adultery. Concubinage. Two souls who found themselves loving each other but not in the right time and right place. Or just plain sexual adventures. Both maybe. For sure.

I was once intrigued by the mystic beauty of a a sinner. I felt some deep feelings but actually lust for her brain. And I was never that luckier. I was condemned. And God I pray for her misfortune only to know God gave her much but not a child. Good for them. Forever she will be as infertile as her husband too. An act of prayer do so much. Damn them.

I was once labeled as such and such. And I do not know. Why they judged us based on our name? Why in the hell they label some other people when in fact they are just labeling themselves. I never agree. I just do what I wanted to do. And the rest goes on without noticing that they are the one being talk about in those circles of rumors that seems to be very true. Human behavior at its best and worst.

I was once being forced and neglected. I should have give up. I should have followed them. I should have made them realized  that indeed joining the notorious group is the solution. For all the injustice. For all the deliberate act of fuck up. Fuck them too.

The battle is not yet over. It is only just begun.

A beautiful fiction indeed.

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