Thank You!

And I would like to thank my sister ( Ater Arlyn ) and brother ( Kuya Henry) for accompanying me on my commencement exercise last Friday despite their busy schedule..Inay cannot go with me since she is in the US now..

And personally I would like to thank all my professors in my MBA education; Judge Ricablanca, Dean Mission, Dr Nap, Dean Calingasan, Dr Ecalnir, Sir Jigs, Sir Bucayan, Sir Alex Ramos, Dr Cabrera, Sir Cuasay, Ma'am Guda, Miss Dada, and others..

I would like to thank also my classmates; Wilson, Manolo, May, Alona, Marisse, Cindy, Myra, Myles, Mylene, Don, Marlon, Janus, Edison, and others who escaped my memory hehehe..

I will miss the friendships..the bonding..the stories..the love..I will miss all of it every Saturday!


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