Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It Takes Courage

We always associated the word "courage" to those heroes of war. To those soldiers who fight the enemies and crushed them until they won the war.

However upon closer look we also have courage to live by everyday. Let me enumerate;

- it takes courage to wake up everyday and the reality that we will be seeing those people around us for God's sake we are tired of them..

- it takes courage to accept the changes when we are getting old..weakening body etc but sometimes I am wondering it takes much courage also for others to hide their aging skin ( others are so fucking OA and most of the time talk of the town in here - alam niyo na yun kung sino..ang arte so fucking arte, lalaki pa naman..TANGINA THIS!

- it takes courage to face everyday situation where the place are so full of UNFAIR people. I can feel it. Everyone can feel it. And those luckier ones take pride since they have the opportunity to show THEIR GREED. And they are doing everything to stay in the position. You know their names. Their fucking names..

- it takes courage to face the truth that we have to stay in our place since no opportunity somewhere else..it takes courage to accept people who are so GREEDY that they will block everything so that they will be the one who will grab such OPPORTUNITY. But anyways we can have such things with our saved money and never make SIPSIP and make everything just to get want they want..MORE TANGINA NILA!

- on the other hand it takes much courage to FOR SOME PEOPLE HERE to pretend that they are smiling..smiling and everything is OK but everyone knows that they are bullshitting with others and with their own FAMILY...it takes so much courage for people I know that this people has to confront everyone ( three persons that I know of) just to have DAMAGE CONTROL  working for them. This people have to make their face thicker ( KAPALAN ANG MUKA) just to threatened some people or else their wrongdoings will  reach to its IRREPARABLE STATUS. How pathetic this people are. How in the hell that they have their own sons and daughters and their partners working in far places just to have conveniences for them and here they are just smiling as if nothing is happening. NOTHING WRONG IS HAPPENING! HAHAHHAHA!..everyone knows everything about them..and then we are informed that they looked at others including us as NOTHING and such a cheap and low-class citizen but in reality they are rotten in HELL..pathetic indeed..if you know them well I don't know if you are wrong because it can happen to anyone and maybe you are right they are the one I am writing about or maybe you are wrong again that you do not know everything..

- it takes courage to see that we are being "sandwiched" sometimes in the misbehavior of others. ..well the very classic Tom and Jerry phenomenon here. Actually ang sarap nilang patayin if killing is legal..no explanations needed..

- this writing will continue to have an avenue for us being LEFT OUT..by those GREEDY FUCKING BASTARDS!

Please excuse my words..it has to be this way..


  1. God bless them anyways..hope that this yuletide season they will change for the better..HOPE is still on the horizon..

  2. when a person is happy, he/she wont wish to change anything.

  3. ayaw ko na sanang magsulat about this post but sometimes I feel guilty if I do not..baka ma-high blood ako hehehe pag di ko nasabi dito..anyways those anger naman of mine are of the moment lang..hindi ako nagtatanim at baka mamunga hahaha!!


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