Tuesday, November 27, 2012


And I said I will lower my intake of carbohydrates..and yet last night at Flavors of China I ate some rice and this noodles..GUILTY!

I have promised not to take pictures or profiles of mine more often..and yet..anyways because of cellphone camera explosion you can take picture with you everytime and everywhere..the verdict? GUILTY!

I have promised not to make such stolen shots of the others..and unknowingly I am doing it over and over again..and again...GUILTY!

 I have promised not to take much fats and oils..and yet wow such a delicious Patatim..GUILTY!

And the classic of all..in which most of us are GUILTY.. taking pictures of food before eating..unless we are hungry enough to eat first hahahaha!!


  1. if you're in ATC, try Wie Nam Kee. yummy and reasonably priced. highly recommended for foodies like us (wink)

  2. wow hanapin ko yun..ang daming starbucks sa ATC..


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