In Decades

"I urge you, don't count in days, weeks or months. Don't even count in years. I urge you to start counting in decades. Because everything worthwhile takes time. "
- Bo Sanchez -

So my soul is relieved. We always take time as per minute or hour or days or years. We are always in a hurry. In an instant. But deeply reflecting on ourselves, Bo is right. We must count or determine those achievements of ours in every decade of our existence. So this is my decade countdown.

On my first ten and twenty years it is mostly about my education. I have graduated my tertiary education after some struggles in schools. I have learned so much in theories that I was so eager to get into action in the real world. 

And for my 20's it is really about work. It is really about my job as a starting individual in the world of reality. And I have those bites of reality in the construction industry. And I was lucky enough to have those experiences. And since I am in my middle 30's I think it is still about work. I should have a family. 

So Bo is really right. Those big achievements though many  are not given that opportunities, I am very grateful to God and to my fellows who helped me along the way. 

Bo is really right. Thanks.


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