Monday, November 26, 2012

The Search For Eng Bee Tin

And since we are in Manila last Saturday, we went to Quaipo to look and buy for that Eng Bee Tin Hopia that the sister of Kuya Arc is requesting to be send to US..supposedly it should be on Inay's flight but we don't have the hopia that time but luckily a family friend will go to US this week and we will request to include that hopia together with some other request by Inay and ate Michele..

I though that hopia is generic that every stall in Quiapo will have. But unfortunately we have to go to Ongpin in Binondo, a few minutes away from Quiapo. We also bought some ham from Excellente for Ate Arlyn..

And at last we have found the bakery shop..the hopia is much expensive than the usual but taste much better..

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