Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Renewal Of Faith

I am looking for that good article. I am searching for that inspiring verses from the Bible. I am looking for something. I am sure I can find it. Faith.

I have not do it this year. I have not try something like that. I am not sure if it will work out. It should. I know it should. Faith.

Crunch by the numbers. Dictated by numerical values, our life and situations are somehow are in terms of numbers. Salary, number of hours, time with our friends, price of the food and anything else have its value. Have its cost. And I have faith. Faith in those numbers.

Then suddenly I lose my faith. Not on religious views but on people. I have seen the lies. The beauty is not really as it seems. The tongue is killing us. The glance is striking like a knife judging us. The others. They are the primary problem. I have lose my faith in others. I should. They may walk just like me but suddenly can kill unlike me. They can mingle like me but strike unlike me. Trust is broken. All the time.

How can I renew my faith in them. I should have not. For my own good sake.

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