Thursday, November 22, 2012


It is like a computer. It is like an apparatus that needs a reboot to retain its functionality. A system that needs an upgrade. A life. A reset of my life.

Change of priorities? Change of plans. A diversion. I guess so. Where I can find my strength I will be there. Where I can utilize my skills I should be there. Where my heart belongs I should come there. But where? When? Is it already time? Questions? So many questions yet answers are so few.

Let us begin with my eyes. Do I have sore eyes? No. I just do not want to see what I am seeing now. Same people. Same place. Tired and sick of those. Change of environment. A refreshing perspective.

How about my ear? Do I like what I am hearing. Pure gossips and lots of coincidences. I will never be wrong while hearing those lingering truth. I must adjust my ear. Maybe or most of the I am the one being talked about? Maybe. I will not be surprised. My ears do not lie.

And my tongue? Same food. Same taste. I want some cuisine,an exotic cuisine. I should go upward or south bound? Either way.

And my skin? Most of the time I am feeling numb. Numb of the reality setting in everyday.

I really need a resetting. Now.

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