Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wonderful Techonolgy

And I really want to thank the wonderful technological wonders of today's world. Those communication tools are indeed very helpful to us to assure  that our loved ones are safe. Thanks to Facebook video chat (Skype also since Facebook had bought Skype) that yesterday after the arrival of my mother in Longbeach we talked and actually see each other via that video chat. She had really landed there very safe! We almost had two hours of talking ( Ate Arlyn too was here) with Inay, ate Michele, Kuya Arc, Bongbong and have some tour too of their house there.

Last Friday night we had accompanied our mother to NAIA 2 for her 10 pm flight. And since she was alone we had need the help of the airport assistance. And thanks God they had wheelchair ( intended really for those old age flyers) and so my mother got it and we were assure that she will have assistance up to the boarding on the plane since she was alone that first flight.

After she had landed at Los Angeles airport she also had the assistance since she had some baggage with her. And thanks God to the technology that Kuya Arc has tracked down the flight status and they were all there on time ( the flight has been delayed here for almost an hour but the pilot as Kuya Arc said changed the altitude and the plane advanced its arrival in LA). And because he always tracked the flight status they had the time to travel from their house to the airport just in time for the arrival of the plane which was one hour in advance.

And this Sunday we will be having our video chat again.

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