Monday, November 26, 2012

I Thought But It Is Untrue

And  I doing some photoblogs in here a while ago..all of a sudden I am running out of space. Google notified me. Or else I can post with no picture at all. I have used up the 1 GB free. Or I can buy some of the space in dollars. Oh no I guess all this time that Blogspot as unlimited storage. So I deleted some of my blogs ( not entries, but the entire different blogs of mine since they shared the 1 GB space with this one). I also deleted some of the photos in my Picasa album seen in my Google Plus.

And I have forgot Google is a business company. And I should pay if I want more.

So Wordpress comes to my mind. In every blogs you are assured of 3 GB of free space and you can have unlimited blogs with 3 GB each every time you put a new one ( with new URL of course)..So still WP rules the blogging sphere..

Though I love blogspot also because of its easy to use features.

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