Thursday, November 8, 2012


 A few nights ago I had some drinks at Starbucks with one of my closest friend Nitoy..a few hours of non-stop media..transitions..change is here with us..bear with it..

 last Wednesday I have braced myself to the last exam of my MBA life..the comprehensive exam and thanks God it was compressed and basically easier than my first take ( as thesis program)..I have to take up six subjects when I have transferred to non-thesis..and after long days and nights of digesting cases here I am ready to graduate..if lucky enough I will be marching on the 23rd but maybe on March next year since they will check first the result of the comprehensive is OKAY with me and I will miss my classmates, the schools, my professors and all the experiences I have in UB..

and now what happen next? it is time to go out..and enjoy..celebrate..and eventually fly..


New Beginning

Sometimes I want to be alone..then go offline.. In the beach..with no one.. and stay there as long as I want.. escaping reality? no. ...