Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Suddenly It's Not Magic

I must confess of the situation. This one struck me when I was walking down the stair in one Sunday morning in a busy street of Manila. I was walking with ease when suddenly I felt some pain. The usual pain. Pain of growing old. Admittedly I am growing old.. We all do. We all have those moments of thinking and reflecting how moments come and go and eventually gone forever. Nostalgic? Indeed not seriously.

So once in awhile I am eating a lot. Those sweets. Those coffees. Everything in moderation? not so. I want to go to some places not necessarily famous but with such landmark that will leave my heart and soul with awe and amazement. A farm. A warm farm with lots of tress. A zoo. I've never been to a zoo. Explore more!

Get time to wake up everyday with zest. With renewed spirit. With the hope that each morning bring us sunshine and smiles. With each waking hour that will bring us joys and happiness with our loved ones. Go on hiking. Go on fishing. Go where your heart longs to go. A river. A house near the river. Read a novel. Read aloud. Just ask some strangers. Experience new everyday. And suddenly the magic will come again.

The magic in our lives sometimes are lost when our innocence of something has been robbed. Robbed by time, by our experiences. When the real world push itself into us and feel the real pressures of life, we have lost of magic. We lose our patience. We lose our perspective. And we lose our sight of who we are. Of whom we wanted to be. All are lost except our hope. For something better.

So eat a lot. Go on a swim! Shout out loud! Scream to the fullest! And most of all love some more!

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